Tech whiz looks to take over Houston fashion scene

In a world where technology rules supreme, digital communications has created space for creators to explore and showcase style and class. Those who understand how to merge the two are on the leading edge of this new wave of self-made entrepreneurship.

Josh Aaron is one of those people. Aaron, a self-proclaimed “tech savant” and “tastemaker”, has found a way to combine his love of fashion and technology into a personal brand that is beginning to shape the way Houston, especially Houston men, present themselves to the world.

Through his site,, Aaron uses his platform to express himself through his wardrobe, lifestyle and his interest in technology. Established in 2011, the site covers all of the attributes that he thinks a gentleman should know. He uses his lifestyle digital destination to showcase his personal poetry and his unique perspective on technology.

“Tech [sic] is important to me because it is the reason for my brand’s existence,” Aaron said. “If it weren’t for technology, I wouldn’t have anywhere to post and express my thoughts and extend my reach to a larger audience.” Having a digital voice is imperative in today’s ever-changing internet world and Aaron takes it all in stride with keeping his site engaging enough to reach an audience beyond Houston.

“I branched off to do my own thing that started this crazy journey of me going to ‘fashion weeks’, working with GQ and many other great opportunities and I just never stopped,”Aaron said.

As Aaron continues to grow his personal brand through his commentary and analysis of what makes Houston style a thing, brands are beginning to take notice. He is currently working with Topman amongst other brands. According to Aaron, Topman reached out to Josh because his creative style on a digital platform has gained their trust enough to know that he can bring out the sleek, chic and professional consumers of Houston.

Born in Port Arthur, Texas, Aaron has always let his southern influences guide his style. He credits most of his southern gentleman taste in fashion to his grandfather who he always considered to be a sharp dressed man.

“The southern gentleman theory also goes beyond looks it’s definitely a lifestyle and I noticed this when I would visit other cities,” Aaron said. “I fell in love with the city of Houston because it has a very rich culture and being a transplant has allowed me to embrace the city for what it is.”